Sunday, 5 March 2017

This workshop "Irish Folklore" is a brief study of Irish folklore and also a glimpse at an Irish writer, Peader O’Guilin, who recently attended the 2017 Perth Writers Festival. Friday, 10th March, 1pm-3pm. We will read a short story by Paeder O'Guilin called The Drowner. Writing exercises will look at the elements of folklore and how we gain inspiration for our characters and setting. For some writers folklore may be a stepping stone to fantasy or YA fiction.
Venue: Fremantle Arts Centre, Upstairs Room 2.
Time: 1-3pm. What to bring: Notepad, pen, laptop or iPad Cost: OOTA $20 - NON-OOTA $25 (ask for membership form to save). Please note: No credit card facility and new attendees who arrive without the class fee will be asked to pay on the day via direct debit transfer.
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Folklore includes all the human knowledge, customs, and beliefs that have been passed down through the oral tradition.' Obviously, the definition for folklore is a wider net than myth or legend. In the nineteenth century, W. J. Thomas coined the term 'folklore' for the term 'popular antiquities,' usually used to refer to the unrecorded traditions of a given group. By this understanding, folklore also encapsulates superstitions, customs, proverbs, riddles, and pseudoscientific lore. However, a more commonplace understanding of the term is that folklore is 'stories told by folks,' which generally indicates a level of popularity and informality, even entertainment.

Peader Ó Guilín is an Irish novelist. He grew up in Donegal though he went to school in Clongowes Wood College in County Kildare. He is now based in Dublin where he works for a computer company. Raised speaking Irish and English, Ó Guilín is also fluent in French, and Italian. He has written a number of stories and novels. His first novel, The Call, was published to critical acclaim in 2007 and translations into nine languages including Japanese and Korean. Before writing novels, Ó Guilín wrote a number of plays and worked on a weekly print comic with the artist Laura Howell, Sneaky, the Cleverest Elephant in the World, aimed at kids. The Times Educational Supplement called his first novel "a stark, dark tale, written with great energy and confidence and some arresting reflections on human nature." Paeder O'Guilin also writes Short Stories. He has been writing short stories all his life and has published them in all kinds of venues. If you have a kindle reader, you can find his collection, Forever in the Memory of God and Other Stories. Some of his stories have been turned into free podcasts. Heartless, The Sunshine Baron, The Drowner, and The Evil-Eater.


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